Warm-Tec Kids + Jr. UNDIES

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Lightweight, breathable underwear with a comfortable inseam.
Instead of cotton underwear that get cold and can cause chaffing, these quickdry undies will keep your kids comfortable, whether out hiking, playing, or doing sports.
Material: Warm-Tec (moisture control, quick dry, breathable)
80 (S): 7-14 mos. (white)
92(M): 14-24 mos. (white or green)
104 (L): 2-3 yrs. (white or green)
116 (XL): 4-5 yrs. (white or green)
128 (Jr. S): 6-7 yrs. (white or green)
140 (Jr. M): 8-9 yrs. (white)
152 (Jr. L): 10-11 yrs. (white)
164 (Jr. XL): 12-13 yrs. (green)
Colors: white (see availability) , green (see availability)
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