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Breathable Power Dry® long sleeve shirt will keep your little ones dry and warm, while also providing very good sun protection (UPF 15, blocks over 93% of the UV rays). Wicks moisture away from the body. Great as long underwear or worn alone. Reflective tape on front and back helps keep your child safe at night.
Our kids love to wear these at the beach -- keeps the harmful sun rays off and keeps them at a comfortable temperature when they are in and out of the water.
Material: Power Dry® (Provides very good sun protection (UPF 15, blocks over 93% of the UV rays), breathable, moisture control, quick dry)
The grey versions is a little lighter
68 (XS): 0-7 mos. - dark blue
80 (S): 7-14 mos. SOLD OUT!
92 (M): 14-24 mos. - dark blue, rusty red
104 (L): 2-3 yrs. - rusty red, grey
116 (XL): 4-5 yrs. - rusty red, grey
Colors: dark blue (with reflector - XS, M, XL)
rusty red (M with reflector, L. XL)
grey (L, XL)
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For bigger sizes and other styles please view our Jr., adult Power Dry® shirts.