Neoprene Body Belt --Core Warmer

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One small garment can make all the difference! If you simply want to keep warm to the core, this body belt is what you need. Slip it up onto your torso, and the fleece-backed neoprene will do the rest. Wear it at work to keep you toasty without having to wear lots of layers, wear it kayking to help protect your kidneys from the wind and cold, wear it during any sports to give you a little added support to your lower back. The body belt comes in three sizes and fits snugly.
Material: Neoprene® (water repellent, quick dry, moisture control, breathable)
Sizes: S (fits women's XS-M sizes, as long as it can slide over the hips or chest)
M (fits women's M-L)
L (fits women's L-XL and men's S-L sizes)
Colors:purple, green