Welcome to Knütes


We are a family business with innovative ideas for staying warm and comfortable. Our goal today is still the same as it was when we started out...

"To develop practical, functional, and environmentally sound outdoor and sports wear for both young and old."

While our patented doubleglove® still stands out after over 20 years as a true innovation in the field of outdoor clothing, our baby and children's line provides the best in warmth, comfort, and functionality for an age group otherwise widely neglected by other outdoor clothing manufacturers. 

Call us crazy, but we simply believe that our kids deserve the same quality gear as we do. And we didn't stop there!

Quality, Design & Ecology

We decided to share our ideas and created Knütes to produce great outerwear the way we wanted it.

The result is environmentally sound production (we use Polartec® 300 Recycled water-repellent fleece - made from at least 89% recycled plastic bottles - and produced locally) and a line of hardwearing products of real quality, which are made to last more than one season.

This year we are offering many news items, as well as continuing to stock your favorite classics. You can always keep up to date with the latest additions to the catalog with our news blogs, or you can sign up to our newsletter. Also, be sure to take a look at our special offers.

As you may notice, some products may be out of stock at various times during the year. As a small and local company, however, we can often produce to order -- so we hope you take advantage of this opportunity to email us with your requests.

As always, hearing your feedback makes us happy and encourages us to make Knütes products even better.