Abby becomes new spokesgirl for recycling!

Knütes has a new spokesgirl for its line of Polartec Recycled clothing: Abby Reilly, a smart little 6-year-old who is the star of a new children's book series called Abby's Adventures, is now championing recycling and the consumption of local products made from locally-recycled plastic bottles. She knows how important it is to recycle plastic bottles to save valuable resources. But for recycling to be effective, the empty bottles cannot be shipped around the world to be made into new products. That is why Knütes line of recycled plastic bottle clothing is so special...the ecological footprint of locally manufactured fabrics made from recycled bottles and sewn domestically is so much better than that of companies sending materials and products around the world before they reach the end consumer.

Knütes also uses all of its salvage materials.  Coming soon: the Abby doll made from 89% recycled plastic bottle fleece and filled with scraps...100% environmentally friendly!

You can read about Abby's first adventure, "Picture Day ... and the Missing Tooth," at Abby's Fan Club. Keep watching for more of her exciting adventures!