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Polartec® 300 Recycled PILLOW CASE
Polartec® 300 Recycled PILLOW CASE
This cosy pillow case with a side zipper. Iideal for at home or for travelling and camping! At first one can use it as a pouch and later as a pillow (maybe filled with a sweatshirt).



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Tussey Mountainback


Summer Sale
19 May
Hello Knütes-Fans, please check out our summer products! They are on stock now, but only in limited numbers! If you are interested you should not wait to order! Your Knütes-Team

Christmas Market in Lemont
22 Nov
Hello Knütes-Fans, Please visit the Christmas Market in the Granary in Lemont. We will have some special offers for you! Great gifts! It takes place Friday (12/6/2013 between 5 PM - 8 PM) and Saturday (12/7/2013 between 10 AM and 5 PM). Hope to see you there! Your Knütes-Team

Christmas Market in Berlin
23 Sep
Hello Knütes-Fans, If you happen to be in Berlin, visit us at the Christmas Market at the Winterfeldtplatz. We will have a booth every Advents Sunday (12/1, 12/8; 12/15, 12/22/2013) between 11 AM and 7 PM. Check out our special offers! Hope to see you there! Your Knütes-Team




Macramé Reversible Survival Bracelet
Macramé Reversible Survival Bracelet
Very durable polyester Macramé Reversible Survival Bracelet with Buckle. When you turn it around you can enjoy a different rope and color pattern!