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Doubleglove ® Valentine Special
Doubleglove ® Valentine Special
ALL DOUBLEGLOVES CAN BE ZIPPED TOGETHER TO MAKE A HEART SHAPED HAND-HOLDING POUCH! Like all of the Doubleglove ® models, they will keep your hands toasty, and as you warm up, you can open the zipper to ventilate and cool off.



(providing our goods to good organizations)



Tussey Mountainback


01 Oct

Up to 40% off during the month of October!

Summer Sale 2015
15 May

Hello Knütes-Fans, please check out our summer products! They are on stock now, but only in limited numbers! If you are interested you should not wait to order! Your Knütes-Team

Red Cross Support for work in Nepal
28 Apr

One of our fleece pillowcases (and the nice fellow who bought it) was on Everest when the earthquake hit. He appears to be down safely, but in support of everyone so horribly impacted by this disaster, 25% of all sales until June 2 (the day his climb was to end) will be donated to the Red Cross relief efforts.




Polartec® Recycled Microfleece SPORTS SHIRT
Polartec® Recycled Microfleece SPORTS SHIRT
This is a fashionable and functional shirt for all seasons. The breathable light-weight Polartec® Recycled Microfleece shirt is optimal as either a mid or outer layer. Extra low cut collar for more comfort. Material: Polartec® Microfleece (breathable, moisture control, quick dry) REGULAR PRICE: $ 49.95 SALE PRICE:$ 39.95